Our Focus
At ECP, we believe focusing primarily on one industry brings with it several advantages. First, because we have reviewed hundreds of construction companies, we have a solid knowledge base to compare best practices and investment opportunities. Secondly, this focus allowed us to develop an extensive base of contacts among the service providers to the industry including investment bankers, surety companies, brokers and lenders.

By focusing on a limited number of engagements and investments, we have time for in-depth involvement. Together with our industry knowledge, we believe that this concentration makes us real value-added partners.

Finally, we like companies that build real things for real people, like roads, bridges, schools and hospitals. We believe the world’s need for such infrastructure and related products is both significant and growing. In short, we like the long term prospects.

If you are interested in working with us, please give me a call.

Tom Stocks
Founder and Managing Member